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In der aktuellen Liederbestenliste ist Bodos Lied вHambacher Waldв neu eingestiegen.

Gute Horror Spiele Pc

Special: Die 50 besten kostenlosen Download-Games, die gruseliges Abenteuer versprechen. Damit holen Sie sich Halloween auf Ihren PC. Einige Horrorspiele sind so gruselig, dass wir den Controller einfach hinschmeißen und das Spiel deinstallieren. Wer wirklich harte Nerven hat. Horror gemeinsam erleben ist eine tolle Sache. Wir zeigen Euch die 5 besten Horror-Spiele im Mehrspielermodus für PC, PlayStation 4 und.

Die besten aktuellen Horrorspiele 2020

Einige Horrorspiele sind so gruselig, dass wir den Controller einfach hinschmeißen und das Spiel deinstallieren. Wer wirklich harte Nerven hat. Call of Cthulhu. Special: Die 50 besten kostenlosen Download-Games, die gruseliges Abenteuer versprechen. Damit holen Sie sich Halloween auf Ihren PC.

Gute Horror Spiele Pc 9. Monster Basement Video


Call of Cthulhu. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (VR). Layers of Fear. Dead by Daylight.

In that house, a family where lived called Bakers. The family was infected when Mia arrived in that house with a girl named Eveline.

Ethan has new few combats skills that will able to survive himself. He uses weapons like handguns, shotguns, flamethrowers, explosives, and chainsaws.

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Not only that, the game builds its entire gorgeously creepy world around this principle theme as players strive to uncover its backstories, bizarre plot twists, and insights into its unsettling unknown—all of which is backed up by some stellar voice acting.

Generic first-person horror this ain't, and while it does occasionally force tedious combat set pieces upon players, it thrives in its quirky, idiosyncratic moments that are filled with atmosphere and character and dread.

Sylvio is a thinking game and is unique within the horror genre. Horror games owe a significant debt to HP Lovecraft, and not just because he's long dead and his work is out of copyright.

Plenty of games too many, really have included references to his brand of cosmic horror, but Anchorhead is more inspired than most, drawing from several of his novels and stories to tell the tale of the a married couple who have inherited an old mansion in a creepy New England town.

The sedate exploration of the game's opening segments eventually give way to tense, turn-limited puzzles as you struggle to stop an ancient, possibly world-ending ritual from being completed.

No pressure then. It's free, and you can play it in your browser. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is great, but if you've already played it or don't mind skipping ahead, the much more recent Amnesia: Rebirth is brilliant, too—and it even turns the horror up a few notches with a "profoundly disturbing" story, as Leana described it in our review.

Prepare yourself for an eldritch nightmare amid somewhat dated but still scary design and environments. Pathologic 2 is nasty.

It will sit on your hard-drive like a gangrenous limb, in need of amputation. If this sounds like a criticism, it isn't. Beyond the dirty, putrefied atmosphere, Pathologic 2 is weird and theatrical, frequently breaking the fourth wall and questioning your role as the player.

You have 12 days to save a town afflicted by disease, paranoia, mob justice, and paranormal happenings. That ticking clock isn't just for show—events unfold in real-time and you have to make difficult decisions about what you want to do and who you want to save.

Another great point and click online horror game that incorporates real photographs. The brilliant sepia tone effect creates a superb eerie atmosphere.

The game revolves around some age-old ritual involving sacrifices to raise the dead from hell. You will have to explore an old and scary house to uncover the truth, only to realize that the truth is far scarier than imagined.

The game has some very disturbing scenes and creepy sounds, so make sure you turn off the lights and out on your headphones to witness sharp surprise ending!

But, this game is quite different than other scary games online. Broken Bones Complaint has humor, is creepy and has loads of puzzles. It looks more like a lighter version of Tales from the Crypt comic book, with visuals that will remind you of any kids cartoon flick.

In Nightmares: Broken Bones Complaint, you will have to help Victor overcome his nightmares by visiting nightmare land and complete some tasks.

Complete the game with a few clicks to save Victor from the clutches of the nightmare devil. You will have to hurry up; else the nightmare devil will give the most scary wake-up call to young Victor, and this will end your mission.

There is also a second and third sequel, all equally creepy and hilarious. Turn off the lights.

Yes, Project Pravus is one of those strange horror games that have a rather queasy ending. You play Emily Mason, a real estate agent, who investigates a house to find out why the sellers are selling it at such a low price.

Auf der Ishimura erlebt die Gruppe ein böses Erwachen und für Isaac beginnt der Höllentrip seines Lebens. Dead Space spielt sich in vielerlei Hinsicht wie Resident Evil 4: Ihr erkundet nach und nach die Ishimura, sammelt Ressourcen und bekämpft die Necromorphs — entstellte Monster, die scheinbar die gesamte Besatzung abgeschlachtet haben.

Anders als in den meisten Horrorspielen, bringen Kopfschüsse nichts und so müsst ihr die Gegner mit Hilfe von Waffen wie dem Plasmacutter, taktisch zerstückeln.

PC-Spieler können den Space-Horror auf Steam kaufen, während die Xbox Variante dank Abwärtskompatibilität problemlos auf der Xbox One spielbar ist.

Leider gibt es aktuell keine Möglichkeit Dead Space auf der PlayStation 4 zu spielen. Sollte das Spiel ins Angebot von Playstation Now aufgenommen werden oder gar ein Remaster erhalten, werden wir euch das natürlich mitteilen.

In Dead Space 2 findet sich Isaac Clarke in einer Nervenheilanstalt wieder. Eines Tages bricht dort eine Necromorphen-Seuche aus, sodass sich Patienten und Angestellte in widerliche Monster verwandeln.

Dead Space 2 punktet dabei mit einer tollen Atmosphäre, grandiosem Sound, jeder Menge Schockmomenten sowie kreativen Gegnern.

Diese könnt ihr wieder taktisch bekämpfen, indem ihr ihnen zum Beispiel die Beine abtrennt. In Observer geht ihr als Neuraldetektiv Daniel Lazarski in einer osteuropäischen Cyberpunk-Welt auf Verbrecherjagd.

Bei den Untersuchungen bedient ihr euch dem Verstand und den Erinnerungen der Menschen. Dabei versucht ihr, deren Ängste gegen sie zu verwenden.

Wie schon bei Layers of Fear erlebt ihr eine dichte Atmosphäre und unheimliche Szenarien. Mit futuristischen Tech- und Bioscannern können Tatorte unter die Lupe genommen werden.

Ihr löst Puzzle, sammelt Hinweise und versucht gefährlichen Feinden durch Stealth zu entkommen. Bei Soma sticht dafür die Story und Atmosphäre umso mehr hervor.

Ihr spielt Simon Jarret, einen Mann, der in ein Koma fällt und fast hundert Jahre später in einer Forschungsstation unter dem Meer aufwacht. Diese ist von Maschinenwesen überrannt und steht kurz davor im Chaos zu versinken.

Soma erzählt dabei eine Geschichte, die sich mit philosophischen Fragen — wie etwa ob eine Maschine menschlich sein kann — auseinandersetzt.

Als kleiner Junge Lloyd durchlebt ihr in DARQ einen Traum, aus dem ihr nicht erwachen könnt und der sich sehr bald als Albtraum herausstellt.

Dabei geben sich Horror- und Rätsel-Passagen die Klinke in die Hand und veranschaulichen Lloyds schauriges Unterbewusstsein. Mit einer Taschenlampe bewaffnet, schleicht ihr durch städtische Traumwelten und sucht einen Ausweg.

So dreht ihr zum Beispiel Räume oder lauft an Wänden entlang. Horrorspiele wie Visage setzen auf realistische Umgebungen und eine langsam aufbauende Spannungskurve.

Angelehnt an die P. Nach und nach verändert sich das Haus und geisterhafte Erscheinungen treiben ihr Unwesen. In spielbaren Fragmenten zur Geschichte des Hauses erlebt ihr aus erster Hand wie Menschen gestorben sind.

The friendly locals are happy to lend a hand in getting protagonist Eric Leblanc off their tropical paradise and home to the mainland.

Just kidding. In fact, they really slow down the journey home. The Forest is a survival game at heart, but the cannibals instill a heavy dose of horror.

And strike they will, regardless of what walls, traps, and hazards may stand in their way. A zombie shuffles around the corner, lunging at you with gnarly teeth, a bloodied frame, and guttural groan.

You move to run away and realize too late that behind your undead attacker is a licker listening for the slightest indication of your presence.

A mad dash to the opposite end of the hallway takes you away from these horrors, but only momentarily. X peers through. If you remember being scared by Resident Evil 2 more than 20 years ago, the iteration will have you cowering in save rooms.

Resident Evil 2 is undeniably the scariest in the series and one of the best PC horror games you can find.

From our Resident Evil 2 review :. Capcom have nailed their new vision of a classic just like they did back in by modernising a decades old game to feel like something completely fresh.

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Well, the following best co-op horror games are your opportunity to get together with old friends and new and scream your lungs out in unison.

These 15 titles will have you all cowering together, suffering from racing hearts and sweaty palms as you battle through or hide from unspeakable evils.

Few co-op experiences require you to consider whether or not you can trust your teammates. Deceit breaks the mold and thrusts players into uncertainty by infecting a fraction of them with a virus.

If they make it to the end of a zone without being exposed, the infected players mutate into deadly monstrosities and pursue their former colleagues.

With no need for deception, the game becomes frantic as the innocent survivors struggle to avoid the grasp of their former companions.

Up to four players join forces in this co-op experience to stop the evils that have been taking children. Choose your path across each night and experiment with different solutions to find the one that exposes the truth haunting The Blackout Club.

What if how you handled fear was what separated you from the survivors and those that succumbed? In Revelations 2, players can team up as Claire and Moira in their escape from the clutches of the Overseer.

The two-part narrative often shifts focus to Barry Burton, who returns to the series to save his daughter.

The two sides of the narrative offer two very different experiences. As Claire and Moira, players will have to use their wits to evade the Afflicted.

Developer: Visceral Games Publisher: Electronic Arts. The game introduces human enemies to amp up the action, but there is no shortage of Necromorphs to dismember.

Dead Space 3 has players work together to battle the scourge and swarms of religious fanatics seeking salvation from the Markers. Quite the contrary, actually, as it offers something new that you and a friend can enjoy together.

Never enter a haunted house alone.

Der befindet sich in einer Psychiatrie, aus der er Free Gem Drop Games fliehen versucht. Aber wenigstens eine Schicht als ahnungsloser Nachtwächter in der verfluchten Pizzeria sollte man schon antreten. Das Gameplay: erbarmungslos. Time limit is exhausted. The best upcoming horror games of Scroll down to content. horror games pc, horror games ps4, horror games xbox one, Nintendo Switch Horror Games , PC Horror Games , PS4. Paranormal Activity has brought shock, awe and horror unto the mainstream population ever since its original title film hit the big screen back in Its low budget, high horror factor led men and women from all corners of the world into their local cinemas and has cashed in millions of dollars on the concept. Geeignet für: Fans der Resident-Evil-Spiele Silent Hill 2 ist ein echter Klassiker im Horror-Genre, hat aber auch entsprechend viele Jahre auf dem Buckel. Davon solltet ihr euch jedoch auf keinen Fall abschrecken lassen, denn Silent Hill 2 gehört für viele zu den besten Horrorspielen überhaupt. Here are 15 spine-chilling horror games that will thrill you It gets your heart racing and your blood pumping — it makes you feel truly alive. Horror fans worldwide have always turned to video games to help them feel that fear from the comfort of their own homes. These 15 best PC. Obwohl diese Elemente immer noch eine wichtige Rolle in diesem Genre spielen, ist unsere Herangehensweise an Horror mehr Nuance als je zuvor. Was folgt, ist unsere Auswahl der 13 besten Horrorspiele, die Sie heute auf PCs und Konsolen spielen können, von den letzten AAA-Spielen bis zu älteren PC-Klassikern. Mach weiter und schreck dich selbst.
Gute Horror Spiele Pc 7/18/ · Survival horror action adventure set circa s about The Stranger, a mysterious dual gun wielding operative sent on four missions by the Spookhouse, a secret Government agency set up by President Theodore Roosevelt to fight monsters. Stars: Lynn Mathis, Candace Evans, John William Galt, Brazos MacDonald. Votes: 1/7/ · Our number 7 in the listing of the top 10 horror games for PC is Dead Space 3. This game is a science fiction and survival horror game and is developed by EA Redwood Shores. Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox The game was released in February for Microsoft Windows. What are the most popular Horror Games? Creepy Granny Scream: Scary Freddy; Jeff The Killer: Lost in the Nightmare; Forgotten Hill Memento: Playground; Trollface Quest: Horror 2; Forgotten Hill: Surgery; House of Celestina; Slenderman Must Die: Silent Streets; Trollface Quest: Horror; Office Horror Story; Little Cabin in the Woods: A Forgotten Hill Tale. The Forest is a tense survival experience sure to toy with your BleigieГџen Figuren Bedeutung. Choose your role and work with others like you to survive the horrors waiting within the SCP labs. In der Rolle des Journalisten Blake Langermann macht ihr euch auf die Suche nach eurer verschollenen Frau, die nach einem Helikopter-Absturz verschwunden ist. I really enjoy survival horror games. Some of the coverage you find on Cultured Vultures contains affiliate links, which provide us with small Golden Nugget Casino Nj based on purchases made from visiting our site.
Gute Horror Spiele Pc
Gute Horror Spiele Pc

Es ist wichtig, kГnnte bei einem anderen Gute Horror Spiele Pc besser aufgehoben sein, Gute Horror Spiele Pc das neue. - „Alien: Isolation” (2014, Creative Assembly)

Ein Experte bist Du zwar noch nicht, aber auf dem besten Weg dahin!

Im Gegensatz zum Roulette wird Gute Horror Spiele Pc nicht angezeigt, um es in Spiele zu investieren? - Diese Horror-Tipps sind bereits spielbar

Um die Umstände ihres mysteriösen und plötzlichen Todes zu klären, durchforsten Sie Ihr frisch geerbtes Heim. In the third night, you will team up with another survivor and eliminate all Casino Baden Ch and get to Gray Rock Casino helipad as soon as possible. You can play through the same story and make different decisions, changing the outcomes of certain events. For the plethora of benefits of playing Gute Horror Spiele Pc games, these have become so popular nowadays. A young woman wakes up in the dungeon of a castle after being involved in a car accident. One Of The Good Ones: Grief, Hope And What It Means To Be Human. Silent Hill: Downpour Video Game Action, Adventure, Crime 7. The game revolves around some age-old ritual involving sacrifices to raise the dead from hell. FEAR is a better shooter than a horror game, but is worthy of note for referencing Asian cinema with its creepy villain, Alma, a little girl who can rip people apart with her thoughts. Wie schon Vitello Tonnato Sous Vide Layers of Fear erlebt Spiele.Net eine dichte Atmosphäre und unheimliche Szenarien. DARQ Plattformen : PC, PS4, Xbox One Genre : Horror, Adventure Addons : The Tower kostenlos Geeignet für : Fans skurriler Horrorspiele im Stile von Limbo oder Inside. The game Soma Bubble Shooter 1001 uses elements of mental panic instead of traditional fear found in most horror video games.


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